Training Lace can be worn comfortably on the body or used as added weight placed directly on sports equipment. It allows athletes and active people everywhere to step up their game by strengthening muscle, increasing shot speed, building resistance, and training the body to run faster, hit harder, and score more. Play, run, or perform better with Training Lace's proven strength system.
The secret is Training Lace's specially-designed weighted core. The core is enclosed in a foam sleeve, absorbing the vibration at the time of contact and ensuring that the Training Lace won’t move while in use. It’s safe on your skin, certified non-toxic, and athletes won’t experience any chafing like standard fitness weights.

  • Training Lace is easy to use and easy to take on and off. Simply bend the flexible, durable Training Lace to conform to the size and shape of your wrist, ankle, or sports equipment. Experience full range of motion and don't sacrifice your form.
  • Training Lace is versatile and adaptable – it can be used in any sport or fitness setting. Even day-to-day chores can provide a workout with the addition of Training Lace. 
  • Training Lace is currently available in four weights – 5, 8, 12, and 16 ounces, with intent to expand into even more weights (1.5lb) and even more industries, including physical therapy and beyond. The possibilities are endless with Training Lace. #LaceUp!