Frequently Asked Questions

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We are so confident in our products, you may return any product within 30 days for free and with no questions asked.  Read all the details below:

  • You may return any new or used item for a refund. 
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Will the added weight mess up my form?

NO, the Training Lace weights were created in order to build strength without sacrificing form.  Unlike most our competitors, Training Lace adds the perfect amount of resistance so you can perform your normal skills, build strength and power and improve form by increasing the bodies proprioceptors and kinesthetic awareness.

Are there different weights for different sports?

We conducted extensive interviews with coaches and trainers and found that the weights we selected, 5oz, 8oz and 12oz were the ideal weights to be used in all sports.  

What are the benefits for swimming as opposed to using paddles?

First and foremost, the Training Lace eliminates any risk for injury that many other swimming aids can cause.  Because its your natural stroke, form is not compromised.  The natural displacement of water allows competitive swimmers to evaluate “real times” while training.   Training Laces can be used to promote muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance and an overall boost to any swim workout. 

What are the benefits to using the Training Lace during yoga?

Wearing the Training Lace around your arms and or legs during yoga takes your normal yoga routine and intensifies it to tone more muscles, burn more fat, and strengthen your core.

Does my wrist size matter?

No. The Training Lace is one size fits all on your wrists, legs, and sports equipment.

How is the Training Lace better then a baseball doughnut or weight?

Because the Training Lace was designed to not only take practice swings but to actually use during live batting to increase power and speed of a players swing. It is the only weighted tool that can be used for bot the Underload and Overload batting training techniques. 

Can I use the Training Lace for any other sports not on the site?

The uses for the Training Lace are endless. Wrap it around your golf club and take some shots to increase your distance, wrap it around a hockey stick and increase the speed of your slap shot, put around your wrists while throwing the football around to strengthen your arm. The Training Lace is one size fits all which makes it the most diverse training tool in sports and fitness.