12 oz. Training Lace (Baseball)

Qty Price
1 - 9 $29.99
10 - 24 $22.49
25 - 49 $20.99
50 - + $19.49

The First Flexible Training Weight That Fits Around Any Size Baseball or Softball Bat

  • Use the 8 oz Training Lace for hitting, fielding, throwing, and footwork drills.
  • Use the 12 oz Training Lace for hitting drills and for pregame or on deck warmups.
  • Use batting to increase power including exit velocity; correcting your swing path; keeping bat in the hitting zone longer.
  • Use in fielding practice to increase kinesthetic awareness, develop quicker hands and increase overall hand strength. 
  • Little League Combo includes both a 5 oz Training Lace and an 8 oz Training Lace. The Major League Combo includes both an 8 oz Training Lace and a 12 oz Training Lace. Both Combos come with a velcro sleeve to keep the Training Lace secure on the bat as you swing. No worries about it coming lose!


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